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  • When will I recieve my hot tub after ordering/paying for it?
    Our current build and ship time is 1 week for hot tubs and 4 weeks for swim spas after we receive payment. There is a 2 to 8 business day transit time, so you would add the transit time to your order delivery forecast depending on your location relative to CA.
  • Why are your hot tubs thousands less than other brands/dealers?
    You are truly buying factory direct from us. We take your order, send it to our manufacturing facility, then ship it out from our warehouse to you. We do not have any dealers, comission sellers or distributors. The plus side, you will save thousands of dollars by buying factory direct from us. The downside, you will have to do a bit of management upon receipt as we only deliver cubside and you would have to hire someone to move your awesome new hot tub in place and wire it up to your electrical installation. Do not worry, we make a delivery appoinment so you know the date and aproximate time when your hot tub will be delivered.
  • How do you deliver my hot tub?
    We ship out our hot tubs using a third party freight company. Once the freight company picks up your hot tub from our warehouse we will send you an email with the tracking information, owners manual, wiring diagrams, video links and other useful information so you can install your awesome new hot tub with ease. The freight company will call you once they are at the local terminal and schedule a delivery appointment. You will pick the date and time window to receive your awesome new Pacifica Hot Tub that best fits your schedule within 3-4 business days of your call. It is only then that you should make plans to receive, place and install your hot tub. Please do not make any plans for any other date. This includes the ETA shown on the tracking website, that is only estimated and is often incorrect. Please make sure you pick up your phone when the ETA is near, even if you do not recognize the number. That is the only way the delivery appointment can be agreed upon. Please make sure the hot tub cover is included on the pallet upon arrival. Please inspect the package for any large holes or damage that may have been caused by a forklift and let us know immediately. Pictures are a great tool to file claims, so if possible, please take some if you see obvious concern. If the merchandise appears to be damaged in any way, please note the damage on the freight bill. Your hot tub will arrive on its side on a pallet like the picture below: This facilitates its movement through the freight terminals safely and allows the liftgate to be used to set your hot tub at ground level and use a pallet jack to move closer to your property.
  • Can you explain the LX options and features?
    Del Ozone: Del UV Ozone Sanitizer: Balboa TP700 Control upgrade: Perimeter light package example: Balboa Wifi interphase and App:
  • How does the warranty for my hot tub in case of a problem?
    There are many independent pool and spa repair techs allover the US that we work with. In the case of a problem we contact them and make sure they set up a service call with our Pacifica Hot Tubs customer. We provide any parts required and pay for the labor charge directly to the service person.
  • What is the warranty on a Pacifica Hot Tub?
    5 Years on Spa Shell Structure 2 Years on Spa Shell Surface 1 Year on Spa Plumbing and Electrical Equipment
  • What brand equipmet is on a Pacifica Hot Tub?
    We use Balboa Controls, Heater and Pumps. C-M-P Ozone and UV Ozone Generators. All Jets and Plumbing is Waterway Plastics.
  • How well is a Pacifica Hot Tub built?
    We do not cut any corners and only use quality components. No propietary parts (you can purchase them easily), 3/4" water hose is glued and clamped from every jet to each manifold, shell is thick and self sustainable, we use recycled plastic 2x4s on the bottom boards of our hot structures, this assures they will never rott or suffer any damage due to moisture and we use full 2x4 boards on the rest of the frame in order to allow more staples on each frame union (most hot tub companies use 2x2s or worse a metal structure), we sell large jets and not just large faced jets, spray foam insulation for the best heat retention. We basically do everything right focusing on the end user best interest.
  • Can I pick up my hot tub from your warehouse?  How much would I save?
    Yes, you can. We have several shipping docks, forklifts and drivers available to help load you up. We recommend you pick up in a flat bed truck or trailer to make sure your awesome new hot tub arrives safely to your home. We will refund 10% of your total purchase one business day after you pick up. Please email us at if you wish to pick up your hot tub at our warehouse in CA 92231. We want to make sure we have your hot tub ready and crated the best way based on your pick up vehicle capabilities. Your safety is a priority.
  • What kind of foam insulation does Pacifica Hot Tubs use?
    We use 2.0 lbs. Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation with R Value D. We can double foam your hot tub for an additional $200 if you would like. The standard foam will hold up over winter, even under snow. .
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