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About Us

Pacifica Hot Tubs Brand is designed and brought to life in 2015.  Founded by Jose Vargas a 32 years of experience Operations Manager for the recognized L.A. Spas, Adventure Hot Tubs and Classic Spas Brand and Industrial Engineer with Manufacturing Concentration Guillermo Ainslie.

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Jose and Guillermo saw the opportunity to purchase L.A. Spas machinery while that company was acquired by a larger manufacturing company that did not require the procedures and items that made these high quality Hot Tubs. With the combined experience, the 2 partners searched for capital investors in order to fulfill the dream of owning a hot tub brand and manufacturing facility.

The end result is a great one.  High Quality and Powerful Hot Tubs that will not break your bank.  

To overcome some of the many challenges, Pacifica Hot Tubs also has the blessing of working with other recognized companies, helping them with their struggles by providing them with full manufactured hot tubs for distribution or by providing molded shells and frames to help with production overflow.  National and International work is welcome anytime.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to reviews on our spas and hopefully many sales to keep this high quality product in the market for generations to come.

Do not forget to visit our facebook page, the journey has been well documented during the good and the bad.  We love answering questions, please call us or email us, anytime.

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